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This morning my daughter and I went out to breakfast at a popular “fast food” place near her school. On the door was a poster containing a steak burrito—immense pieces of steak, cheese, and veggies nestled warmly together inside a wrap that seemed to struggle to contain all these luscious ingredients.

We ordered and it arrived in minutes. Time to feast! But when she emptied the contents of the bag onto the table, she frowned slightly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s so…small!” she replied.

I looked at her quizzically.

“Look at the picture!” she said, pointing to the door. “It’s huge!”

“It’s all about camera positioning and perspective,” I said, somewhat apologetically. Then I paused for dramatic effect. “Don’t we do that to ourselves—magnify our own little problems so that they seem ginormous, when actually they’re not nearly that big….yet God sees us like the big burrito and still loves everything he sees!”

My daughter gave me the kind of look that only a seventh-grader can give.

“Dad, you’re going to write a devotional about this, aren’t you?”


If I’ve learned anything in youth ministry, it’s that perspective can be very difficult to attain. Zits are the size of Mt. Everest, awkward moments are broadcast to the “whole world” in high definition, and a bedroom can feel like a cave on a deserted island when you’re lonely. The young person who wants to believe in things begins to learn that many glamorous models are photoshopped and that sometimes the burrito isn’t exactly what you thought it was.

God takes us at face value. He sees every pimple and every broken heart. There is nothing you can do to alter his perspective. But there is something you can do to alter yours. Look at yourself and other people through what Philip Yancey calls the “lens of Jesus.” You can change the way you see people and you don’t need expensive software to do it! See people as Jesus saw them: lovely, lonely, desperate, childlike and wonderfully unique. This does not come naturally—it takes practice and lots of prayer. It is possible and ultimately it’s the only perspective that you can trust. The world’s changing perspectives will leave you disillusioned and hungry.

But she felt a little better after the hash brown.



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