A Little Off Center


A Little Off Center ImageDoes your life ever feel like it’s spinning out of control? If so, consider the clay pot for a minute.

 We often hear the verse (or at least the image) from Isaiah 64:8, which reads, “We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” It’s comforting to think of being molded, formed and shaped by God’s hands into something that’s pleasing to Him—like some sort of divine playdough.

 But making something on the potter’s wheel is a different sort of process. A ball of clay is “thrown” onto the wheel and gets worked on as it spins—a little touch here makes a groove, a little squeeze there makes it taller and so on. It doesn’t look too hard…unless you’ve tried it. If the clay is not dead-center on the wheel, the smallest flaw will become magnified and grow until the whole thing is unbalanced. Even an experienced potter can do nothing to save a pot once it gets too lopsided. So what does the potter do next?

 She mashes it back into a ball and throws it again—hopefully on-center this time.

 Our days are like this. If you don’t start on-center, your day will often fall apart no matter how hard you try. We look for our center everywhere but the world keeps moving. It’s like trying to remember where you are parked at the mall by looking at the cars around you—what if they move while you’re inside? Your reference points no longer work.

 When you find your center in Christ each day, you have a fixed point that is not dependent on its surroundings or upon the events of the day. Instead of fighting a losing battle with a falling pot, it’s more a matter of making little adjustments here and there.

 Every day is a pot. If today’s pot fell, the good news is that you’ll have a chance to make another one in the morning. Talk to God about what happened, wake up with a desire to find your center…and take the day out for a spin!




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