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One Hour Per Week - Rice Christian Treats

The basketball team that I coach is off to an 0-2 start, which is not surprising considering that I have never coached basketball and the only organized basketball I ever played was college intramurals. But when our local elementary school was preparing to discontinue the 4th-6th grade program due to a lack of volunteer coaches, another local pastor and I decided to step in and step out in faith. Record aside, it’s been great—I love the kids, everyone gets to play and we stress having fun above all else.

Before our last practice, I asked the team, “Why are we getting crushed?” Several hands went up.

“Be…because our defense isn’t very good?” one suggested. (He was right.) And then after a few other guesses, another hand was raised.

“Because our offense isn’t very good?”

Bingo! Our losing record has, in fact, quite a bit to do with the fact that we struggle on both offense and defense.

We play or practice once/week for one hour, which is certainly not a lot of time to improve. In fact, during our last practice I mentioned to one of the other adults, “I can’t think of anything that someone can get better at in just one hour per week!” 

Afterwards I was chatting with my assistant coach after practice, which I like to do because he actually played a lot of basketball and is a fine young man and a member of my church. We talked about church life and he observed that it seems like there are more than a few people who come to church to be entertained and don’t seem to practice spiritual disciplines during the week.

Then it hit me. One hour per week. That’s how much the four teams at the school spend on getting better at basketball. And so it is with many Christians, who then wonder why they are not growing spiritually.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of putting in time for the sake of putting in time. But relationships require work and consistent interaction. For example, if you only said hello to your spouse at mealtimes, what kind of relationship would you have? Not much of one.

Stay engaged with your faith. Wrestle with scripture, pray, read, teach, become part  of a small group whose members can admit to each other when they are struggling. Serve and evangelize (offense) and study and pray (defense). An hour of spiritual battery charging on Sunday will not last six days and 23 hours until the next charge.

My team probably won’t win a game this year, but I’ll bet if we practiced more than once per week we would get better. Not perfect, but better.


Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. -- Deuteronomy 6:5


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