Somewhere Beneath the Stars




Somewhere beneath the stars
A baby sleeps and hope is alive
Somewhere beneath the moon
The Word is flesh and angels burst into song
Somewhere beneath the clouds
Immanuel is worshipped
Somewhere beneath an earthen roof
The Binder of Broken Hearts gains strength
And somewhere beneath a ceiling of sulphur
A fallen angel flees

Father of Lights, behold your Son
Who will preach deliverance to the captives
And bring sight to the blind
Shepherd, behold the Lamb
That takes away the sin of the world
Magi, behold this gift wrapped in cloth
This Prince on a throne of straw
Daughter of Zion, behold your king
He comes for you

Somewhere in every human heart
An echo of creation
As past, present and future collide
Somewhere beneath the stars in Bethlehem

KR 12-08-2009

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Thanks everyone! I was trying to "zoom in from beyond" and focus on Christ, not unlike "google earth" satellite imagery. My prayer for us all is that Christ is the focus of Christmas this year! And let's credit the HCOB staff for how Satan "flees"...I was stuck on a roar of anguish (NOOOOOOO!) so I asked them for their first feeling of what Satan would do when the baby appeared.

Pastor Kent
December 12, 2009 - 04:41

Good job, I'm proud of you Tee-hee! I really liked the "A fallen angel flees", that's a good mental picture... Reminds me of How Great Is Our God: "He wraps himself in Light, and Darkness tries to hide, and trembles at his voice, and trembles at his voice..." That's my FAVORITE line... Good job, once again!!!

December 10, 2009 - 16:30

This is beautiful. Perfect picture of CHRISTmas.

December 10, 2009 - 09:28

What a beautiful poem. I especially liked the idea of Shepherds looking at the Lamb, and the Magi seeing the gift of Jesus.

Deb Bendit
December 10, 2009 - 07:11
Reply to Deb Bendit

Beautiful poem for a beautiful time of year. The words "angels burst into song" they couldn't help but break out in song. They, us, were so full of God's love they burst out in song, word, testimony, etc. Could this or should this be something that describes me?
Thanks for the devo's Kent, wonderful words to ponder.

Rich Bushong
December 10, 2009 - 15:47
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