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The joy of the LORD is your strength – Neh 8:10

Many of us will shuffle along today, feeling vaguely disconnected from our power source. Eventually our batteries will wear down and we collapse into a heap somewhere. But it doesn't have to be that way! Why? Because the joy of the Lord is our strength! Not our understanding of who God is. Not our amazement at our own selves. Not our ability to multi-task our way through a humdrum day when God has prepared something amazing for us instead.


Who or what is robbing you of your joy today? Brothers and sisters, be joyful! I was talking to one of our church-sponsored Bhutanese refugees a few weeks ago. “How long were you in that refugee camp?” I asked. “Eighteen years!” he replied, with no visible disgust, distaste, shame or sorrow. I have never seen this guy without a smile on his face since he arrived in this country!


If you're listening to divisive broadcasting today and it's robbing you of your joy, turn it off. If you know deep down that you should be doing something for a family member instead of “taking some time for yourself,” trust that feeling—it's a more likely path to joy than the one you're following. If you are around people who seem filled with joy and wish you could be more like them, take a minute to reflect upon how much Jesus loves you. Jesus said, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” (John 15:11) Praise God in prayer, or thought, or by singing at the top of your lungs while you drive. And if you come to a red light, don't stop singing—maybe your joy will rub off on someone! (And if they just think you're crazy, that's okay too because they'll be less likely to tailgate you or cut you off! See? More reason for joy!)


“It's not that simple,” you say.


Isn't it?


What has happened to all your joy? -- Galatians 4:15



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