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It's an exceptionally beautiful morning here in Lancaster County. The air is clear and the rising sun is slowly drying the dew, but not before creating thousands of sparkles of light in the fields and on the grass outside this pavilion. My pledge to you is that today's thoughts, once recorded, reach you unedited. This is a time to feel, not to think.


I dream too small sometimes. How easy it is to lose sight of the fact that God wants to do something much bigger.


I dream too big sometimes. Often it is that one single thing, that act of love and kindness, that demands more focus than the bigger picture.


I will never stop dreaming.


The squirrels are very busy collecting nuts for the coming winter even though it feels like Spring except for the gold, red and brown leaves that are just starting to fall. They sense the urgency of doing so, even though I would imagine some of them have not experienced winter before. Does our God not place an awareness in our hearts as well? The difference is that we're called to share Christ's love while we're here, not store up treasures. But the squirrels all seem to get it—the mandate that ensures their survival.


Earlier I read that God is trying to rescue a people who don't know they are captives. It's true—you won't flee a prison if you don't realize you're a prisoner.


Thank you God for this moment of peace. There might be an angel and a demon locked in combat right next to me in a spiritual realm that covers us like an overlay on those old overhead projectors. If I could see them, what could I do anyway? And so I listen to birds and distant traffic and sit on a bench while the sun warms my face.


And that's just fine.


Let's pray together:


Oh God, you made all this and I'm grateful. Thank you for sun and dew and moments like this. I wish I served you with the urgency of a squirrel collecting nuts, but I don't and I'm sorry. Please draw near today to prisoners of all kinds—those who can't see the sun from their cells and those who can't see the light because of the darkness that surrounds them twenty-four hours a day. Help us to be like the drops of dew today! We can't generate light but we can reflect it and become something beautiful. And in this we bring honor and glory to the Father through Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit, make us aware of the coming winter and let us gather enough love today to feed the world until springtime. Amen.




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May we reflect God in a beautiful way! Thanks, Kent, for the preview at quilting this morning.

October 28, 2010 - 13:05

Praise to Abba Daddy! Thanks for the squirrel graphic Shawn--Kensey thinks he's cute!

October 28, 2010 - 12:20

Great Prayer, brother!! Glad you had such a good morning!

October 28, 2010 - 09:17
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