This Week's Message

Stop Thief!

Exodus 20:15; Joshua 7: 1-26; Matthew 19: 16-30 (listen) This week's bulletin is not yet available (click here for more info)

Pastor Geoff Davis,
Sunday, 16th of August, 2020


Have you ever stolen anything? Starting with Adam and Eve, who stole the fruit to Isaac, and Jacob, who stole their brothers’ blessing, to Rachel, who stole her father’s household idols, the book of Genesis is filled with thievery. From Jesus’ teachings and Paul’s and Peter’s instructions for new followers to today’s society, this simple command continues to be ignored. Let’s see if we can discover some things about ourselves through the exploration of this commandment and find new ways to honor God through honoring each other.


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Our Vision:

and living deeply
in the character
of Christ to become a healthier church
that powerfully shares Christ with the world.