This Week's Message

Sent Out

Luke 10:1-3 (listen) This week's bulletin is not yet available (click here for more info)

Pastor Doug Hinton,
Sunday, 25th of February, 2018


While on his way to Jerusalem, Jesus sent out seventy disciples to take the Gospel message forward. These followers had walked with Jesus, witnessed his miracles and teaching, ate with him, and being sent out, began to teach and act as Christ to those around them. How do we take the message of the Gospel out to those around us? What attitude do we do it in? Are we able to show the love of Christ to those who hate us and continue to preach and live the Gospel message? Let’s look at our passages in 1 Samuel, Mark, and Acts to see what we can learn.


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Our Vision:

and living deeply
in the character
of Christ to become a healthier church
that powerfully shares Christ with the world.