This Week's Message

No One Is Righteous

Romans 3:9-20 (listen) This week's bulletin is online (click here to read it)

Pastor Geoff Davis,
Sunday, 23rd of July, 2017


Since Adam and Eve’s decision to listen to the serpent in the garden, people have lived outside of the relationship and life that God originally intended for each of us. The world’s message is the same as the serpent’s: “Do your own thing.” “Follow your conscience.” “Do you really think there are bad consequences for your actions?” “Look out for #1.” But it’s a message that continues to keep our attention from the single way of repairing that original relationship that God – and we – long for. What is “righteousness?” What does God expect of each of us? Is there hope?


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Our Vision:

and living deeply
in the character
of Christ to become a healthier church
that powerfully shares Christ with the world.