This Week's Message

A New Life

Luke 2:1-7; John 3:1-9; 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 (listen) This week's bulletin is online (click here to read it)

Pastor Geoff Davis,
Sunday, 17th of December, 2017


Since Adam’s fall, God had a plan to restore our relationship with him. The birth and life of John the Baptist are the end of the way the Jews knew God to work among them. The birth of Jesus – 700 years after Isaiah predicted it – was something entirely new. God decided he would no longer rely on the prophets to convey his plans; he would come himself, teach us, and sacrifice himself for us so that we could get back to the life he originally planned. From Adam to Isaiah to Jesus to his disciples to you – a promise of new life as it was originally designed. The old life is gone; the new life grows rapidly and flourishes. What is this new life and what does it mean to us? Why celebrate Christmas?


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Our Vision:

and living deeply
in the character
of Christ to become a healthier church
that powerfully shares Christ with the world.