This Week's Message

Worry, Trust, Comfort

Luke 12:22-32, Psalm 56, Isaiah 40:1-5 (listen) This week's bulletin is not yet available (click here for more info)

HCOB Youth,
Sunday, 7th of June, 2020


HCOB Youth recognize a few different responses that we have had during this time in quarantine: worry, anxiety, uncertainty, unease, etc. However, we know that God is faithful, compassionate, and ever-present.

So how should we respond to this time? Trusting in God, putting our faith in Him who is faithful, and finding comfort in the arms of the ultimate Comforter. We hope to share these things during this time to collectively shift our focus from the worry around us to God; we all need to focus on Christ rather than the raging sea around us.


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Our Vision:

and living deeply
in the character
of Christ to become a healthier church
that powerfully shares Christ with the world.