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Outreach in Action: DiscipleMakers Kate Wetzel was going to share about the ministry of DiscipleMakers at our church services today. DiscipleMakers is a ministry supported by our church through the Outreach Team. Kate kindly created a video to describe DiscipleMakers purpose and mission, and how it has adapted in our COVID-19 world. Please click on the link below to hear about the great work going on at DiscipleMakers!

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Finish the Work

Finish the Work

Pastor Geoff reminds us of how good and faithful God has been in our past, and refreshes our hope for God's faithfulness in our future.

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Date Speaker Sermon Title
1/13/2008 Ryan Braught Membership has its privileges Sermon Info
3/22/2009 Kent Rice Out on a Limb Sermon Info
3/29/2009 Geoff Davis Be Know Do Sermon Info
4/5/2009 John Layman Gods Truth Marches On Sermon Info
4/12/2009 John Layman Morning Joy Sermon Info
4/26/2009 Geoff Davis Whats Your Role Sermon Info
5/3/2009 Ryan Braught Standing On Holy Ground Sermon Info
5/3/2009 HCOB Youth Youth Sunday HCOB Youth Sermon Info
5/10/2009 John Layman Perfect Families Sermon Info
5/17/2009 John Layman A Glimpse of the Other Side Sermon Info
5/24/2009 Geoff Davis If We Love One Another Sermon Info
5/31/2009 John Layman Community of Faith Sermon Info
6/7/2009 John Layman Hows Your Vision Sermon Info
6/14/2009 Ryan Braught Exiles Sermon Info
6/21/2009 John Layman The Untamed Nature of God Sermon Info
6/28/2009 Geoff Davis Lord Teach us To Pray Sermon Info
7/5/2009 John Layman Declaration of Dependence Sermon Info
7/12/2009 Ryan Braught Crossing Barriers Sermon Info
7/19/2009 Milt Stoltzfus Discovering Treasures Sermon Info
7/26/2009 Geoff Davis Dont Be Afraid Sermon Info
8/2/2009 John Layman Gods Call for PIMS not Lone Rangers Sermon Info
8/9/2009 Jason Haldeman What is fair Sermon Info
8/16/2009 Geoff Davis Encouragers Needed Sermon Info
8/23/2009 Ryan Braught Doing Life Together Sermon Info
8/30/2009 John Layman Running the Race ofFaith Sermon Info
8/30/2009 Ryan Braught VERITAS Celebration Sermon Info
9/6/2009 John Layman For Your Camel Also Sermon Info
9/13/2009 John Layman Following Jesus Sermon Info
9/20/2009 Geoff Davis Who is Your Lord Sermon Info
9/27/2009 John Layman Consecrated to Serve Sermon Info
10/4/2009 John Layman Remembering Sermon Info
10/11/2009 Geoff Davis Go and Make Disciples of All Nations Sermon Info
10/18/2009 John Layman Oops - Your Slip is Showing Sermon Info
10/25/2009 Geoff Davis Who is Your Timothy Sermon Info
11/1/2009 John Layman Finding Our Treasure Sermon Info
11/8/2009 Jr High Youth Overflowing With Thankfulness Sermon Info
11/15/2009 Geoff Davis Am I Able Sermon Info
11/22/2009 John Layman Serendipity and Thanksgiving Sermon Info
11/29/2009 John Layman SOA - Zechariah - Song of Faith Sermon Info
12/6/2009 John Layman SOA - Angels - A Song of Peace Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/13/2009 Geoff Davis SOA - Mary - A Song ofd Trust Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/20/2009 John Layman SOA - Simeon - A Song ofd Hope Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/24/2009 John Layman Be An Angel Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/27/2009 Kent Rice Escape Into Egypt Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/3/2010 John Layman Our Father - Hallowed Be Thy Name Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/10/2010 John Layman Thy Kingdom Come Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/17/2010 John Layman Our Daily Bread Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/24/2010 Geoff Davis Forgive Us as We Forgive Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/31/2010 Kent Rice Deliver Us From the Evil One Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/7/2010 John Layman Kingdom Power and Glory Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/14/2010 Geoff Davis Remembrance Service Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/14/2010 John Layman The Lord is Near Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/21/2010 Kent Rice Why Should I Pray Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/28/2010 Geoff Davis Praying for Disciples Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/7/2010 John Layman Jesus High Priestly Prayer Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/14/2010 Kent Rice Falling Together Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/21/2010 Geoff Davis The Transfiguration Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/28/2010 John Layman Praying in Gethsemane Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/4/2010 John Layman Resurrected to Live Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/11/2010 Kent Rice Next Stop Eternity Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/18/2010 John Layman Prayer of Praise Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/25/2010 Geoff Davis Dance With All Your Might Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/2/2010 John Layman Praying through your tears Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/9/2010 Geoff Davis In God I Trust Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/16/2010 John Layman Music and Prayers Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/23/2010 John Layman The Spirit Wind Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/30/2010 Kent Rice Be Still and Know that I am God Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/6/2010 John Layman Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/13/2010 Kent rice My Hope is in You All Day Long Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/20/2010 John Layman A Difficult Prayer Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/27/2010 Geoff Davis Let Everything Praise Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/4/2010 Geoff Davis Stirred - Shaken - and Filled Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/11/2010 Kent Rice LCOAMOS Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/18/2010 Milt Stoltzfus Friendship Community Sunday Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/25/2010 John Layman Being Seen and Heard Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/1/2010 John Layman Family Therapy I - Lets Begin with Dad Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/8/2010 John Layman Family Therapy II - Now we look at us Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/22/2010 Geoff Davis Whats The Deal With Stuff - Part II Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/29/2010 John Layman Open-Eye Prayer Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/5/2010 Kent Rice Heavenly Minded but Earthly Useful Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/12/2010 John Layman Enthusiasm Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/19/2010 Scott Hollinger Personal Testimony Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/26/2010 Geoff Davis Power for Life Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/3/2010 John Layman World Communion Sunday (part 1) Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/3/2010 John Layman World Communion Sunday (part 2) Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/10/2010 Kent Rice Planning Ahead Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/17/2010 John Layman A Vision to Guide Us Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/24/2010 Geoff Davis What Really Matters Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/31/2010 John Layman Praying for Partners Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/7/2010 John Layman Expansive and Outrageous Prayers Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/21/2010 Geoff Davis Living a Worthwhile Life Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/28/2010 John Layman Come Lord Jesus Come Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/5/2010 John Layman Worship Fully Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/12/2010 Kent Rice Are You Spent Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/19/2010 John Layman Give More Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/26/2010 Geoff Davis Love All Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/2/2011 John Layman Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/9/2011 Kent Rice Blessed Are the Meek Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/16/2011 Geoff Davis The Gift of Righteousness Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/23/2011 John Layman Blessed Are the Merciful Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/30/2011 John Layman Blessed Are Those Who Mourn Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/6/2011 John Layman Blessed Are the Pure in Heart Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/13/2011 Kent Rice Blessed Are the Peacemakers Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/20/2011 John Layman Blessed Are the Persecuted Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/27/2011 Geoff Davis Blessed Are You Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/6/2011 John Layman Salt and Light Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/13/2011 Kent Rice The Law Fulfilled Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/20/2011 John Layman Murder Raca and Reconciliation Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/27/2011 Geoff Davis Do Not Commit Adultery Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/3/2011 Kent Rice Divorce Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/10/2011 John Layman Invited Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/17/2011 Geoff Davis Which One Are You Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/24/2011 John Layman Eternal Life Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/1/2011 John Layman Swearing Oaths Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/8/2011 Youth Mothers Day Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/15/2011 John Layman Walking With Jesus Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/22/2011 Geoff Davis Subversive Christians Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/5/2011 John Layman Everybody Watch This Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/12/2011 John Layman Set on Fire - Running with the Wind Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/19/2011 Geoff Davis Who Are You Trying to Impress Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/26/2011 Kent Rice Your Spiritual EKG Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/3/2011 John Layman For Whose Eyes Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/10/2011 Dana Statler Messy Spirituality Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/17/2011 John Layman Masters and Treasures Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/24/2011 Kent Rice Called to Belong Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/31/2011 John Layman Worry Worry Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/7/2011 Geoff Davis Whos in Charge Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/14/2011 John Layman Ask Seek Knock Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/21/2011 Kent Rice The Narrow Gate Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/28/2011 John Layman Trees and Fruit Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/4/2011 John Layman Building for Eternity Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/11/2011 John Layman Is Someone at the Door Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/18/2011 Kent Rice Tending the Gates Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/25/2011 Geoff Davis Are You Off the Mountain Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/9/2011 Kent Rice Yesterday - Today - and Forever Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/16/2011 Milt Stoltzfus Friendship Sunday Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/23/2011 Geoff Davis The Calm Before the Storm Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/30/2011 John Layman Planning for Christmas Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/6/2011 John Layman Just Do It Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/13/2011 Geoff Davis Choosing Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/20/2011 Kent Rice Just as We Are Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/27/2011 John Layman We Interrupt this Program Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/4/2011 Kent Rice The Comfort of Peace Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/11/2011 John Layman Valuable Lessons from Mary Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/18/2011 Geoff Davis Who Knows - Who Cares Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/25/2011 John Layman A Birth That Changes Everything Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/1/2012 John Layman Loving the Garbage Collector Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/8/2012 John Layman Fools for Chirst Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/15/2012 Kent Rice Keep On Sowin Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/22/2012 John Layman Remebrance Sunday Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/29/2012 Geoff Davis Mission Impossible? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/5/2012 John Layman The Clay Pot Connection Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/12/2012 Paul the Apostle Paul Speaks Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/19/2012 Joy Layman Where's the Joy? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/26/2012 Geoff Davis Imitators of God Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/4/2012 John Layman Living Sacrifices Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/11/2012 John Layman A Sacrifice of Praise Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/18/2012 Kent Rice Acceptable Sacrifices Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/25/2012 Geoff Davis The Atoning Sacrifice Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/1/2012 John Layman The Lord has Need of YOU! Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/8/2012 John Layman Risen to New Life Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/15/2012 John Layman Community Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/22/2012 Kent Rice I'm a Mess Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/29/2012 Geoff Davis Preachers, Teachers, and Healers Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/6/2012 Pete Kontra Shine Like Stars Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/13/2012 Nathaniel Dum Lives Built on Christ Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/20/2012 John Layman My Favorite Scripture Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/27/2012 John Layman Reflections Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/3/2012 Kent Rice Standing on the Shore Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/10/2012 Geoff Davis Christ is the Head of the Church Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/17/2012 Kent Rice United Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/24/2012 Kent Rice Mountain Dew Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/1/2012 Geoff Davis Don't Be Troubled, Don't Be Afraid Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/8/2012 Geoff Davis Obey What I Command Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/15/2012 Geoff Davis Prepared and Equipped Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/22/2012 Youth Costa Rica Report Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/29/2012 Geoff Davis Grief Becomes Joy Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/5/2012 Pete Kontra Crossing Over Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/12/2012 Pete Kontra Excel in Everything Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/19/2012 Henry Schaeffer Feeling it Don't Make it so (Video) Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/26/2012 Kent Rice Installation Service Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/2/2012 Pete Kontra Made in Whose Image Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/9/2012 Pete Kontra The King of Dumpster Diving Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/16/2012 Scott Hollinger Scott Hollinger Testimony Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/23/2012 Pete Kontra Where Do You Stand? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/30/2012 Geoff Davis Who Are You Kidding? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/7/2012 Kent Rice And So It Begins Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/14/2012 Pete Kontra Being the Big Toe Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/21/2012 Geoff Davis A Generation of Gripers Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/28/2012 Pete Kontra The Meek Wimps of the World Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/4/2012 Kent Rice Unashamed Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/11/2012 Pete Kontra Are You a Builder or a Blocker Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/18/2012 Geoff Davis Totally Reliant on God Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/25/2012 Pete Kontra Free to Be Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/2/2012 Kent Rice The Gift of Life Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/9/2012 Pete Kontra Christmas: A Time to Receive Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/16/2012 Geoff Davis Christmas: The Gift of Enough Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/23/2012 Pete Kontra Christmas: The Glorious Scandal Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/30/2012 Kent Rice The Gift of the Holy Spirit Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/6/2013 Pete Kontra Powerfully Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/13/2013 Kent Rice Powerfully Sharing Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/20/2013 Pete Kontra Powerfully Sharing Christ Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/27/2013 Geoff Davis Discipling in the World Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/03/2013 Pete Kontra and Kent Rice Clear as a bell Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/10/2013 Doug Hinton Follow Me Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/17/2013 Geoff Davis Committed to What Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
2/24/2013 Fred Bernhard Jesus's Bad Manners Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/03/2013 Pete Kontra The Beginning and The End Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/10/2013 Kent Rice Prepare Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/17/2013 Geoff Davis Meeting Jesus's Needs Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/24/2013 Pete Kontra What's Stirring In You Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/31/2013 Pete Kontra Emptiness is Full of Promise Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/07/2013 Geoff Davis Peace Be With You Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/14/2013 Pete Kontra The Masters We Serve Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/21/2013 Doug Hinton Who Do We Listen To? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/28/2013 Kent Rice Out of Control Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/5/2013 Pete Kontra I Love it When a Plan Comes Together Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/12/2013 Pete Kontra Someone Has to be First Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/19/2013 Kent Rice Here Comes the Judge Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
5/26/2013 Kent Rice Family Business Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/02/2013 Pete Kontra Be Strong and Courageous Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/09/2013 Kent Rice Can You Handle the Truth Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/16/2013 Doug Hinton Here I am, Send Me! Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
6/30/2013 Geoff Davis What Kind of Soil are You Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/07/2013 Pete Kontra Exercise Your Freedom - Waive Your Right to be Right Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/14/2013 Kent Rice Keep Movin' Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/21/2013 Doug Hinton Free to Be Me: Parts of One Body! Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
7/28/2013 Geoff Davis Become Like Little Children Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/04/2013 Pete Kontra Discipleship: What in the World is it? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/11/2013 Pete Kontra We Learn Because We Love Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/18/2013 Kent Rice Better Left Unsaid Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
8/25/2013 Geoff Davis What Do You Believe? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/01/2013 Pete Kontra The End of Religion Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/08/2013 Pete Kontra It's All About the Image Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/15/2013 Kent Rice Alive With Christ Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
9/22/2013 Geoff Davis What's the Focus of Your Life? Sermon Info
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Bulletin Icon
9/29/2013 Doug Hinton Marriage and the Character of Christ Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/06/2013 Pete Kontra The Tongue: Beauty or Beast? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/13/2013 Kent Rice Growing Into the Head Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/20/2013 Geoff Davis Just What the Doctor Ordered Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
10/27/2013 Pete Kontra Doctor's Orders Part II: Take Your Vitamins Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/03/2013 Kent Rice Nineveh Bound Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/10/2013 Doug Hinton Keep It Simple Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/17/2013 Pete Kontra Sanctified We Go So That the World May Know Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
11/24/2013 Pete Kontra Make the Most of Your Time Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/01/2013 Kent Rice Hope Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/08/2013 Geoff Davis Live in Peace Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/15/2013 Pete Kontra Grow in Joy Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/22/2013 Pete Kontra Go in Love Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
12/29/2013 Doug Hinton Anticipate Christ Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
01/05/2014 Pete Kontra From the Manger and Into the World Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
01/12/2014 Kent Rice Prepared and Useful Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
01/19/2014 Pete Kontra Digging With God's Shovel Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
1/26/2014 Geoff Davis Breaking Barriers Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
02/02/2014 Pete Kontra Dancing With the Stars Jesus's Way Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
02/09/2014 Doug Hinton Free to Speak Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
02/16/2014 Pete Kontra By All Means Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
02/23/2014 Geoff Davis You are Free! Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
03/02/2014 Kent Rice Into the Desert Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
03/09/2014 Pete Kontra A Love Hate Relationship Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
03/16/2014 Kent Rice Where is My Honor? Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
03/23/2014 Pete Kontra By What Authority Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
3/30/2014 Geoff Davis Unworthy Servants Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
04/06/2014 Doug Hinton Serving Christ and Losing Life Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
04/13/2014 Pete Kontra Ride On Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
04/20/2014 Pete Kontra They are Overcome Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
4/27/2014 Geoff Davis A New Creation Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
05/04/2014 Pete Kontra A Fool and His Faith Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
05/11/2014 Kent Rice Cutting Teeth Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
05/18/2014 Doug Hinton Generations of Believers Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
05/25/2014 Pete Kontra The Gift of Promise Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
06/01/2014 Kent Rice His Sermon Info Bulletin Icon
06/08/2014Pete KontraThe Gift of PowerSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/15/2014Geoff DavisThe Big QuestionsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/22/2014Doug HintonProclaim to AllSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/29/2014Pete KontraNot NowSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/06/2014Kent RiceThe Problem is MeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/13/2014Pete KontraStay Cool in the HeatSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/20/2014Geoff DavisOur Identity in ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/27/2014Pete KontraAll I Know is...Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/03/2014Kent RiceDon't Drink the Bathwater...Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/10/2014Pete KontraWeakness = StrengthSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/17/2014Pete KontraAre We Ready?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/24/2014Pete KontraPowerful and EffectiveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/31/2014Doug HintonGrace and TruthSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/07/2014Pete KontraWhat IfSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/14/2014Pete KontraA Crazy Love AffairSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/21/2014Geoff DavisWhat Would You Have DoneSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/28/2014Doug HintonDon't Look BackSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/05/2014Pete KontraRepentance - It's Really Not a Bad WordSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/12/2014Doug HintonDealing With RealitySermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/19/2014Kent RiceA Donkey Named GraceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/26/2014Pete KontraWhat Do You Look LikeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/02/2014Doug HintonShow Me JesusSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/09/2014Geoff DavisGreat ExpectationsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/16/2014Pete KontraEmbody ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/23/2014Kent RiceEnjoy ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/07/2014Kent RiceStanding in the Wrong LineSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/14/2014Pete KontraQuieting LoveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/21/2014Pete KontraHis First Birthday PartySermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/28/2014Doug HintonWhen Jesus Runs Into Our StandardsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/04/2015Pete KontraFollow MeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/11/2015Geoff DavisA Tale of Two FollowersSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/18/2015Pete KontraI Have SeenSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/25/2015Doug HintonPaul's PathSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/01/2015Pete KontraRise Above the CrowdSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/08/2015Kent RiceWhat? A Friend We Have in Jesus?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/15/2015Geoff DavisLive DifferentlySermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/22/2015Pete KontraGod's Plan for You: It's a Good OneSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/01/2015Doug HintonGod's Plan Involves Deep RelationshipsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/08/2015Pete KontraGod's Plan: To Grow UpSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/15/2015Geoff DavisGod's Plan is LifeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/22/2015Pete KontraGod's Plan To Be FreeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/29/2015Kent RiceFollowers or DisciplesSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/05/2015Pete KontraMore Than ConquerorsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/12/2015Geoff DavisWhy Follow JesusSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/19/2015Doug HintonWhere do we find life?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/26/2015Pete KontraSo that the World May BelieveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/05/2015YouthYouth SundaySermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/10/2015Pete KontraNew Wineskins for the New WineSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/24/2015Geoff DavisThe Secret IngredientsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/31/2015Pete KontraMaking the Most of Your TimeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/07/2015Doug HintonCreating Space in the WorkplaceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/14/2015Pete KontraWhich Way Are You MovingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/21/2015Kent RiceCondemnedSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/28/2015Pete KontraRe-Creation Through RecreationSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/05/2015Pete KontraSeeing It for What It IsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/12/2015Geoff DavisThe Seven Deadly Words of the ChurchSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/19/2015Pete KontraForgiveness: More than a FeelingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/26/2015Doug HintonCreating Space in TemptationSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/02/2015Pete KontraThe Language We Long to HearSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/09/2015Kent RiceIgnoranceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/16/2015Pete KontraDon't Ne Spoiled Fruit, but Fruit that SpoilsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/23/2015Geoff DavisIt's not MagicSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/30/2015Doug HintonWhen We Are ScatteredSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/06/2015Pete KontraRaise Your Voices TogetherSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/13/2015Pete KontraWhat Kind of Person Are You?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/20/2015Doug HintonIt's a BattleSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/27/2015Kent RiceAll Over Includes Right HereSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/04/2015Pete KontraDo As I Have DoneSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/11/2015Doug HintonCan I Get It RightSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/18/2015Pete KontraThe Heat of the MomentSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/25/2015Geoff DavisMy Life's a MessSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/27/2015Kent RiceAll Over Includes Right HereSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/01/2015Pete KontraA Change of PerspectiveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/08/2015Kent RiceWalk In ItSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/15/2015Geoff DavisTired and TroubledSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/22/2015Pete KontraThink BIG About ThanksgivingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/29/2015Pete KontraGod Has Done Great ThingsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/06/2015Kent RiceThe Miracle of SufficiencySermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/13/2015Geoff DavisGod's Gift of LifeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/20/2015Pete KontraWe Have Heard and SeenSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/27/2015Doug HintonBuilt Together as God's TempleSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/03/2016Pete KontraThe Most Excellent WaySermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/10/2016Kent RiceFast PromisesSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/17/2016Pete KontraIn it for the Long HaulSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/31/2016Geoff DavisLove is PatientSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/07/2016Pete KontraBe Imitators of GodSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/14/2016Geoff DavisLove is KindSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/21/2016Pete KontraAn Unexpected GiftSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/28/2016Doug HintonKindness and TruthSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/06/2016Pete KontraEnvy: The Triple WhammySermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/13/2016Doug HintonEnvy FlanksSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/20/2016Geoff DavisThe Triumph of LoveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/27/2016Pete KontraLove WinsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/03/2016Doug HintonBible BabbleSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/10/2016Pete KontraLife at the TableSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/17/2016Kent RicePath of Least ResistanceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/24/2016Pete KontraA Preaching FoolSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/01/2016Geoff DavisLove is Not RudeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/08/2016Pete KontraListen to the SongSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/15/2016Pete KontraIt's Not Just WHAT but HOWSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/22/2016Doug HintonHate Your Family?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/29/2016Pete KontraHow to Be HeardSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/05/2016Doug HintonDo Not Be AfraidSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/12/2016Geoff DavisLove is Not Self-SeekingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/19/2016Pete KontraWhat Are You SeekingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/26/2016Pete KontraThe ME EffectSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/03/2016Kent RiceWhat is FairSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/10/2016Pete KontraI'll Show YouSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/17/2016Geoff DavisLove is Not Easily AngeredSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/24/2016Pete KontraKeep the Son ShiningSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/31/2016Doug HintonSpeaking, Listening and AngerSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/07/2016Doug HintonLove Keeps No Record of WrongsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/14/2016Pete KontraGod's Way is the High WaySermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/21/2016Kent RiceThe Big PictureSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/28/2016Pete KontraI Have Prayed for YouSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/04/2016Doug HintonRejoicing in the TruthSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/11/2016Geoff DavisLove Does Not Delight in Evil—Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/18/2016Pete KontraAll for TruthSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/25/2016Kent RiceKnow the TruthSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/02/2016Pete KontraBecause I KnowSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/09/2016Geoff DavisLove Always Protects, Always TrustsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/16/2016Doug HintonStephenSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/23/2016Pete KontraHanging By a ThreadSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/30/2016Kent RiceI Trust YouSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/06/2016Doug HintonHope. Perseverance. PerfectionSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/13/2016Kent RiceHope Big and Don't QuitSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/20/2016Geoff DavisLove Always Hopes - Always PerseveresSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/27/2016Pete KontraAs You Have PromisedSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/04/2016Doug HintonWalk This WaySermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/11/2016Kent RiceJoy Made CompleteSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/18/2016Geoff DavisLove Never FailsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/25/2016Pete KontraThe Greatest of These is LoveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/01/2017Doug HintonOneSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/08/2017Pete KontraOneSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/15/2017Pete KontraThe Most Important OneSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/22/2017Geoff DavisOne GodSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/29/2017Kent RiceLet's Be Different TogetherSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/05/2017Doug HintonOne GodSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/12/2017Pete KontraSecond to NoneSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/19/2017Geoff DavisOne SpiritSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/26/2017Pete KontraThe Beautiful MysterySermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/05/2017Doug HintonOne WaySermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/12/2017Pete KontraWhy Such a PlaceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/19/2017Kent RiceJesus Prays For UsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/26/2017Geoff DavisRejoice in Our SufferingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/02/2017Pete KontraThe Pain of ProgressSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/02/2017Joel HutchisonThe Testimony of Joel HutchisonSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/09/2017Pete KontraThe Road to DeliveranceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/16/2017Pete KontraLove WinsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/23/2017Kent RiceCalled By NameSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/30/2017Del KautzSpecial DeliverySermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/07/2017Doug HintonOne In Your BurdensSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/14/2017Geoff DavisLay Your Burdens DownSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/21/2017Pete KontraOne HeartSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/28/2017Pete KontraAs IfSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/04/2017Doug HintonUnited in our BrokenessSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/11/2017Pete KontraGod's Restoration ProjectSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/18/2017Geoff DavisNo One is RighteousSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/25/2017Pete KontraI'm coming to your houseSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/02/2017Kent RiceWhySermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/09/2017Pete KontraSitting By the RoadsideSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/16/2017Doug HintonSet ApartSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/23/2017Geoff DavisNo One Is RighteousSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/30/2017Pete KontraOne Thing I DoSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/06/2017Pete KontraEchoing the Master’s WordSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/13/2017Doug HintonMinistry of Reconciliation—Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/20/2017Geoff DavisWalking the TalkSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/27/2017Pete KontraThe Power of GodSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/03/2017Doug HintonHold True to the EndSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/10/2017Kent RiceKeep Your Eye on the BallSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/17/2017Pete KontraHow Do We KnowSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/24/2017Pete KontraFrom Now OnSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/01/2017Doug HintonUnfinished and UnhinderedSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/08/2017Pete KontraOn DisplaySermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/15/2017Doug HintonDynamite Comes in Small PackagesSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/22/2017Geoff DavisOne MissionSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/29/2017Pete KontraDon't HesitateSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/05/2017Kent RiceLike a ChildSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/12/2017Pete KontraThe Path to PeaceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/19/2017Geoff DavisBe Strong and CourageousSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/26/2017Pete KontraStart WalkingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/03/2017Doug HintonLazarusSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/10/2017Pete KontraVictorySermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/17/2017Geoff DavisA New LifeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/24/2017Pete KontraAll In The FamilySermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/31/2017Doug HintonLazarus: A Great Chasm Between UsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/07/2018Geoff DavisNew Year's CheckupSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/14/2018Doug HintonAll is Lost, Now Found in ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/21/2018Del KautzHomeward BoundSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/28/2018Doug HintonDiscernment, the Gospel and the Power of ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/04/2018Doug HintonWho is it We ServeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/11/2018Del KautzWho is in the MirrorSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/18/2018Geoff DavisThe Bigger PictureSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/25/2018Doug HintonSent OutSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/04/2018Del KautzMeeting with God, Refreshments FollowingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/11/2018Galen HackmanAmazing Story of God's Amazing LoveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/18/2018Geoff DavisJesus' FriendsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/25/2018Doug HintonAll About ImageSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/08/2020Del KautzThe Gift: An Unshakable BeginningSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/01/2020Doug HintonPutting off and taking inSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/23/2020Geoff DavisFinish the WorkSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/16/2020Doug HintonTemporary SorrowSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/09/2020Josh FulmerCleanliness is Next to GodSermon InfoBulletin Icon
02/02/2020Doug HintonLiving Letters of ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/26/2020Laura MeiserBroken VesselsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/19/2020Geoff Davis A Fresh StartSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/12/2020Doug HintonForgiveness in ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/05/2020Doug HintonSteadfast PromisesSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/29/2019Josh FulmerWhat Are We Building for Future Generations?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/22/2019Geoff DavisGod Uses Broken PeopleSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/15/2019Doug HintonJesus Empties HimselfSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/08/2019Doug HintonDavidSermon InfoBulletin Icon
12/01/2019Doug HintonGenerations of Faith: Root of JesseSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/24/2019Doug HintonStanding Firm as One FlockSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/17/2019Geoff Davis

We Will All Be Changed

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11/10/2019Doug Hinton

Members, Gifts, Love & Edification

Sermon Info
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11/03/2019Del KautzA Banquet with Drama and MysterySermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/27/2019Laura MeiserChameleon or Compelling VoiceSermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/20/2019Geoff DavisWith Freedom Comes ResponsibilitySermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/13/2019Doug HintonWhat is better: married or single life?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/06/2019Doug HintonLiving to a Different StandardSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/29/2019Doug HintonImmoral People within the ChurchSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/22/2019Josh FulmerAll or NothingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/15/2019Geoff DavisAre We Spiritual People?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/08/2019Doug HintonUnited and Foolish for AllSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/01/2019Kevin Zurin

Following God’s Call

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08/25/2019Doug HintonEaster in AugustSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/18/2019Geoff DavisEven Though...Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/11/2019Bill LongeneckerWho Do I Really Belong To?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/04/2019Doug HintonMountain Top Experience with JesusSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/28/2019Geoff DavisWhat More Proof Do You NeedSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/21/2019Doug Hinton

Faith & Doubt, Deliverance & Death

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07/14/2019Doug Hinton

Interrupted Doing the Lord’s Work

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07/07/2019Del Kautz

God’s Kingdom Pattern: Infinitesimal to Magnitude

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06/30/2019Doug HintonLord of the LawSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/23/2019Doug HintonCalled by GodSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/16/2019Geoff DavisThe Beginning of the Good News!Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/09/2019Laura MeiserIf you love meSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/02/2019Morgan RiceNow What?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/26/2019Doug HintonVolunteers, Churches or Members of One BodySermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/19/2019Doug HintonFree Men SingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/18/2019Doug HintonFree Men Sing (8am Long Version)Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/12/2019Kevin Zurin

A Mother’s Gift

Sermon Info
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05/05/2019Doug HintonA Kingdom of ServantsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/28/2019Del Kautz

You’ll Never Guess Who I Just Saw!

Sermon Info
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04/21/2019Doug Hinton

As I Have Done…

Sermon Info
Bulletin Icon
04/14/2019Geoff DavisHosanna! (?) Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/07/2019Doug HintonApproaching the Servant KingSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/31/2019Laura Meiser

Our Role Model

Sermon Info
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03/24/2019Doug Hinton

A Man of Authority

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03/17/2019Geoff DavisThe Servant King's JobSermon InfoBulletin Icon
03/10/2019Doug Hinton

A Servant’s Kingdom

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03/03/2019Doug Hinton

The Two Foundations

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02/24/2019Doug Hinton

Lights in the World: Fasting

Sermon Info
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02/17/2019Geoff Davis

What’s the Big Deal with Prayer?

Sermon Info
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02/10/2019Doug Hinton

Lights in the World: Giving

Sermon Info
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02/03/2019Kevin Zurin

God’s Blessing for Us!

Sermon Info
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01/27/2019Doug HintonFaith and Action: Near and FarSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/20/2019Geoff DavisFaith and ActionSermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/13/2019Doug HintonWhere Is Your Treasure?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
01/06/2019Doug Hinton

You are the Light of the World: You have heard…

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12/30/2018Doug Hinton

Jesus’ Being: The Light Who Sends

Sermon Info
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12/23/2018Doug Hinton

Jesus’ Being: The Light of Love

Sermon Info
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12/16/2018 Geoff Davis

The Joy of God’s Light

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12/09/2018Del Kautz

Convinced of God’s Light

Sermon Info
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12/02/2018Doug HintonJesus’ Being: The Light of Our HopeSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/25/2018Doug HintonThe Happy ResultsSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/18/2018Laura MeiserThe Commandment We Don't KeepSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/11/2018Doug HintonReflectSermon InfoBulletin Icon
11/04/2018Doug HintonNow Testify!Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/28/2018Doug HintonHow Will We Be Known?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/21/2018Geoff DavisGo and Do Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
10/14/2018Doug Hinton

But…I Ain’t Got Time for That

Sermon Info
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10/07/2018Doug HintonWhat Did Jesus Do?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/30/2018Doug Hinton Dying to My Right to Be OffendedSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/23/2018Del KautzYour Wardrobe: Gloria Vanderbilt, Dockers or the Jesus LineSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/16/2018Geoff Davis Fooling OurselvesSermon InfoBulletin Icon
09/09/2018Doug Hinton

Everyone Else Is Doing it Wrong… But Me

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09/02/2018Doug HintonBecoming Unoffendable, How RidiculousSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/26/2018Doug HintonLearning & HumilitySermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/19/2018Doug HintonThoroughly Equipped For Every Good WorkSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/12/2018Del KautzEnvision ParadiseSermon InfoBulletin Icon
08/05/2018Doug HintonMasters & SlavesSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/29/2018Geoff DavisHard Teaching!Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/22/2018Laura MeiserLove God, Love PeopleSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/15/2018Doug HintonFeed Your EnemySermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/08/2018Del KautzThe Good NeighborSermon InfoBulletin Icon
07/01/2018Doug HintonNation and FaithSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/17/2018Del KautzThe Lord Seeks a Lot of Good MenSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/10/2018Geoff DavisBe Strong and CourageousSermon InfoBulletin Icon
06/03/2018Doug HintonGod Equips the CalledSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/27/2018Geoff DavisAnd Then What Happened?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/20/2018Del KautzBirthday for a BrideSermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/13/2018Doug HintonWhat Are Deacons?Sermon InfoBulletin Icon
05/06/2018Doug HintonForgive and ForgivenSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/29/2018Laura MeiserTransformedSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/22/2018Doug HintonHidden & Revealed in ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/15/2018Doug HintonLives Transformed Through ChristSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/08/2018Del KautzTimothy's Spiritual Learning CurveSermon InfoBulletin Icon
04/01/2018Doug HintonOnly a Fool BelievesSermon InfoBulletin Icon
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